Creature from the Blog Lagoon 18: “I am no Jedi.”

A long time ago, at a newspaper far, far away (The Palm Beach Post), I was helping another photographer with photographing the demolition of a building in West Palm Beach, Florida. I knew how to extend a remote cable’s reach by splicing in some zip cord.* However, apparently neither of us considered putting the camera in a box. The photos you see here tell the tale.

Believe it or not, the camera, the lens, and the careers of the two intrepid employees all survived the demolition and continued working.

*Back then extending a remote cable was an easy thing. Cut the remote trigger’s cable in half, strip the insulation off the ends of the cut ends, twist some zip cord (lamp cord) to the four bare ends and wrap it with electrical tape. Done. These days, judging from the number of contacts in a wired remote control, it might be more difficult and certainly more expensive; back then remotes were fairly cheap. Of course these days we have reliable radio remotes, but we shot this so long ago that Guglielmo Marconi hadn’t been born.

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